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Learn the art and science of clinical aromatherapy, how to safely use essential oils in your practice, and exciting new research regarding clinical applications. Although written with the clinician in mind, anyone interested in essential oils should read this.  From combating depressive episodes and anxiety to pain management, we've also included recipes so you can start using aromatherapy TODAY!


In this companion book to our most popular eCourse, Melanie shows you just how to overcome crippling anxiety without having to rely on medications.  Includes specific exercises to stop rumination in its tracks, clinical aromatherapy techniques, the specific nutrients you need in your diet NOW and so much more!


In this companion book to our eCourse, Melanie shows you just how to overcome mild to moderate depressive episodes as well as preventative techniques without having to rely on medications.  Includes specific exercises to stop rumination in its tracks, incorporate more forgiveness and gratitude into your life, clinical aromatherapy techniques, the specific nutrients you need in your diet NOW and so much more!

Research has indicated that persons whom hold strong beliefs in the paranormal or otherwise believe themselves to have had an experience tend to have suffered trauma as children.  However, there has been very little research in the area and, to date, no studies have offered an in-depth perspective of how certain types of trauma may possibly lead to paranormal experiences (PE) or paranormal beliefs (PB) or explore what it is like for the individual in the course of their daily lives.  In this book, we’ll look at current perspectives from psychological research and a glimpse into my own research.  We’ll also take a look at differentiating paranormal experiences from natural causes.

Understanding and Managing Extreme Anxiety - Naturally

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Anxiety is often looked at as the enemy in our culture. The goal is to get rid of it, or at the least, to take it down to a quiet grumble. There is a cultural conditioning that says, "something is wrong with you if you get too anxious, take an Ativan". This same conditioning tells us that anxiety needs to be eliminated from our lives. 


Being human, by its very nature, has to include anxiety. We always live in the unknown! Ever ride a rollercoaster? What do you think you are feeling as you climb that incline? There are always choices we have to make in our life in order to make meaning and pursue our ultimate truth and purpose. To be authentic, we must unlearn society's blabber that we must be ninja robots and eliminate our anxiety. Instead we must accept and incorporate our anxiety of being so that we live the most optimal life.


It is not a matter of anxiety being bad or good. It is your relationship to your anxiety that is important. By learning to go deeper into your anxiety, you can become even more free. Why? Well because....If you go deeper, the cause of it, in the moment, it is no longer an unknown but instead just another beautifully human part of yourself.


In this e-course, you will come to understand the true role of anxiety and how to manage the extremes of it, without medication, so you can get on with your day!  


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From Depression to Determination, Purpose & Happiness

Having some sadness is a normal, predictable part of life.  Being human, by its very nature, has to include some sadness. However, when the sadness becomes chronic and debilitating, transforming into feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that we will never break free from the chains that bind us, we must turn inward for strength, meaning, and most importantly, self-love to pull us out of the dark and back into the light.  The problem is...most of us don't know how to do that.  We've worn the mask for so long that we have forgotten how to tap into our inner strength.


You aren't alone and it does not have to be this way.  


I can help you throw away that mask for good, naturally, without medications.  


Can you imagine awaking in the morning and looking forward to the day?  Having an abundance of energy and joy for life?  Finding your purpose and living it? 

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Are you at a loss as to how to get the point across to loved ones, friends, colleagues or just that thick-headed person who just keeps on asking for your time, material things or very sanity?


Do you avoid conflict but then feel resentment building?


You don't have to! It all comes down to being assertive in your dealings with people.


So, how does one be assertive and learn how to say NO? That's the topic of my 7 day step-by-step training on assertiveness. This is the SAME training I give in my hospital intensives (and charge a pretty penny for), condensed into digestible pieces.


Sign up now and learn how to NOT be a doormat. 

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