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Think essential oils are too expensive to make the leap to healthy living? If you are someone who isn’t quite sure if you should invest your $165.00 in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit (11 bottles of essential oil, 10 sample packets of essential oil, diffuser, a 24% wholesale discount, free products, etc etc), let’s break down some of the numbers. You’re getting much more for much less than you think! Be sure to read to the end to find out how you could end up getting your kit for FREE. Yes, we said FREE. 


First, let’s break down the cost of applying essential oils to the skin…


Each 5-ml bottle of essential oil in the Premium Starter Kit contains about 80 drops of oil. When you apply oils topically to the skin (for an adult) you typically use 1-3 drops of oil at a time (less is more in the oiling world) diluted in a carrier oil like jojoba. This means that…

• 1 drop of essential oil per application = about 80 applications per 5-ml bottle.
• 2 drops of essential oil per application = about 40 applications per 5-ml bottle
• 3 drops of essential oil per application = about 25 applications per 5-ml bottle


Each essential oil has SEVERAL uses, but here is a generalized cost analysis for each oil in the Premium Starter Kit (using 1 drop of oil per topical application):

• Lemon: ease occasional heartburn for $0.04
• Peppermint: ease the occasional upset stomach for $0.08
• PanAway: relieve occasional tension and sore muscles for $0.40
• Lavender: promote a restful nights sleep for: $0.09
• Purification: cleanse and soothe minor skin irritations for $0.07
• Thieves: support the immune system for $0.13
• Stress Away: reduce stress for $0.11
• Citrus Fresh: bring about a general sense of well-being for $0.06
• Melaleuca: improve non cystic acne for $0.10
• Joy: uplift your mood for $0.15
• Frankincense: improve your concentration for $0.28


We don’t know that anyone can actually say they don’t have $0.13 to support their immune system by applying a drop of Thieves each night. One Thieves application is 3-5 times cheaper than one dose of some of the most common, over the counter immune supporting products you buy at your local drug store!


Now, let’s break down the cost of diffusing essential oils (it’s cheaper than a super nice candle)…


Did you know that when you subtract the cost of the 11 bottles of essential oil and 10 sample packets of essential oil from the cost of the Premium Starter Kit that you are technically getting the Home Diffuser in the Premium Starter Kit for less than $10!? Seriously – nowhere else will you find an essential oil diffuser for less than $10.00 (and a good one at that)!


We use about 6 drops of essential oil each time we run the diffusers. The diffusers have a continuous and an intermittent 30 second setting. The diffuser will run continuously for 3.5 hours (7 hours if on the intermittent setting).


Diffusing essential oils is typically cheaper AND better for you than a high quality candle that is 50% off! WHOA!

Bath and Body Works 3 Wick Candle (25-45 Hours)
• Regular Price: $0.50-$0.90/hour
• 50% Sale: $0.25-$0.45/hour
• No health benefits

Yankee Jar Candle (110-150 Hours)
• Regular Price: $0.18-$0.25/hour
• 50% Sale: $0.09-$0.12/hour
• No health benefits

Young Living Home Diffuser (using the intermittent setting) – BEST DEAL!
• Lemon: $0.03/hour
• Citrus Fresh: $0.05/hour
• Purification: $0.06/hour
• Peppermint: $0.07/hour
• Lavender: $0.08/hour
• Melaleuca: $0.08/hour
• Stress Away: $0.10/hour
• Thieves: $0.11/hour
• Joy: $0.13/hour
• Frankincense: $0.24/hour
• MANY health benefits.


Before you say “no” to essential oils, you might want to reconsider!


We encourage you to really think about how much money you spend on candles, air fresheners, cleaning supplies, body care products, and over the counter health products, many of which are toxic! All of those little purchases for each product you buy at your local grocery or drug store really add up, and most likely end up costing you more in the end! Just think about how easy it is to spend $25.00 or more in one simple trip to the store. Then, think about how many simple trips to the store you might make in a week or one month. It really adds up! When you think about it, is the Premium Starter Kit really too much money for your budget? Or does it just feel like it is too much money (because it is one simple purchase VERSUS the several you may currently make in that very short amount of time)? This kit should REPLACE many of the things you currently purchase. We’ve replaced our entire medicine cabinet and cleaning supply cabinet! Lemon oil and Thieves in the dishwasher, Thieves and lavender for the washing machine (lemon too if the kids make a huge mess), lemon oil for window cleaning, etc etc etc.


Essential oils (and products you can make from them) are simple and require minimal effort to use. Essential oils are natural, safe (of course, when used), and non toxic! They help maintain wellness in the body and can be used to support healthy muscles, bones, skin, hair, and emotional balance, AND the immune, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, hormonal, and nervous systems! You can’t put a price on health…oh wait, we just did! And the truth is, the Young Living Premium Starter Kit is actually a pretty inexpensive way to make your house smell AMAZING and support your overall health and wellness.



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